Recipe : Golden Pig Pork Neck on skewer (Serves 4 persons)

Ready to eat Golden Pig Pork Neck is perfect the family and friends BBQ occasion or enjoy at home.

• 4 pcs Golden Pig Pork Neck from our consignment counters
• Skewer sliced pork neck and your favourite vegetables like red onions, bell peppers
• Drizzle with olive oil and seasoned with salt and pepper.
• Heat a griddle pan over a high heat until smoking hot. Brush the griddle very lightly with oil and cook the onions for 4-5 minutes, turning once or twice, until tender. Remove to a large warm serving plate and keep warm.
• Serve warm tortillas, guacamole and salsa cruda with griddled vegetable and pork neck, flavouring them with the two sauces as you wish.

Guacamole :
• ½ tsp salt
• 2 tbsp sunflower oil
• 1 large, ripe avocado
• 1 medium-hot green chilli(jalapeño), deseeded and finely chopped
• Juice of half a lime
• 2 fat salad onions, trimmed and chopped
• ½ pack fresh coriander, roughly chopped

For the guacamole, halve, stone and peel the avocado. Put in a food processor with all the other guacamole ingredients and blend until smooth. Transfer to a small bowl for serving
Salsa cruda

Salsa cruda :
• 350g vine-ripened tomatoes, skinned and quartered
• 3 medium-hot or hot green chillies (jalapeño ),roughly chopped
• 1 small onion, roughly chopped

For the salsa cruda, put the tomatoes, chillies, onion and coriander into the food processor and pulse to blend into a coarsely chopped sauce. Transfer to a small serving bowl.